How to Caulk a Window How to Caulk a Window

What You'll Need
Wire brush or rag
Elmer's Squeez'N Caulk
Elmer's Carpenter's Exterior Wood Filler (if neccessary)

Here is a quick-fix project you can do to put an end to the draft from one or two windows that continue to let air sneak. With only a few quick and easy steps, your problem will be resolved and you will save money on heating and air conditioning as well.

Step 1: You must have a clean joint! Clean away all old caulk and loose paint with a wire brush or rag. Remember to remove any dirt or dust as you want the caulking to stick to the wood or paint.

Step 2: Using Elmer's Squeez'N Caulk lay a uniform wide bead that overlaps both sides for a good seal.

Step 3: Finish the surface with a moistened finger if you prefer a smooth finish.

  • Tip: If the joint is larger than the 3/8" head of Elmer's Squeez'N Caulk, use Elmer's Carpenter's Exterior Wood Filler before caulking.

Courtesy of Elmer's Glue

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