Cedar Shake Siding: Painting Tips

When you are working on cedar siding painting, there are a few key things that you will want to keep in mind. Here is a quick guide to help you:

Tip 1 - Clean the Siding

Cleaning the siding is key when it comes to painting. Before you begin painting, you will want to make sure to clean it completely. You can use a power washer if need be, or just a hose to wash down the sides. Making sure that you get off all of the dust and debris will ensure that you have a smooth and lasting finish once you are done.  

Tip 2 - Prime

Priming is an important step in the painting process, especially when you are working outdoors. Find a primer that couples with an outdoor paint and be sure to do at least one layer of it and allow it to dry out completely before moving to the paint.

Tip 3 - Use Exterior Paint

Exterior and interior paint is different and you have to make sure that you are buying exterior paint when doing the cedar siding. This way, you can protect your siding and paint from any harsh weather that your area experiences. It should be able to hold up to rain and snow.