Cedar Shingle Siding: Installation Tips Cedar Shingle Siding: Installation Tips

A cedar shingle siding installation can add a touch of class and originality to residential buildings, but to install this type of siding, if have have never done it, you might need a few installation tips.

Tip 1 – Install Only on Smooth Walls

To avoid a lumpy look when you install your shingle siding, remove any warped shingles or materials from your old siding before attaching your new siding.

Tip 2 – Make Your Starting Row Even

Install your first row at the bottom of your wall. First, snap a chalk line you can use as a guide for the bottom of your shingles that you install on this row.

Tip 3 – Match up Your New Shingles with Older Ones

If you’re installing over older shingles, be sure the bottoms of your new shingles are no higher than the bottoms of the older shingles.

Tip 4 – Insert Nails Uniformly

Into each shingle, insert 4 nails, 2 in each side of the shingle. These nails should be about 10 inches above the shingle bottom edge. Be sure the nails are driven in an even line on all shingles.

Tip 5 – Use Skill Saw to Cut Your Shingles

When cutting your shingles to fit around trim such as on vents, windows, and doors, use a skill saw. The downward pressure from using a handsaw can easily break shingles.

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