Cedar Shingle Siding Repair: Mistakes to Avoid Cedar Shingle Siding Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

Even though cedar shingle siding is a strong and durable type of siding, it will still require some repairs from time to time. This is mainly due to the fact that it is directly exposed to various weather conditions and variances in temperature. It is a good thing to be knowledgeable to try to repair the shingle siding yourself, however you should try to avoid some common mistakes, such as the ones outlined below.


If you need to place a new shingle, you should pay attention on how to position it. Obviously, you will have removed the old, damaged one to make space for the replacement. It is best to place it at least an inch above the remaining shingles, so as to align it better with them once you start nailing it.


Pay attention to the way you nail a shingle. First of all make sure to use galvanized nails of the appropriate length. Secondly, strike precisely in the areas where the shingle will hold well in place, that is, the upper corners. Pay attention not to strike at an end, as you might break the shingle, or the ones next to it. It is best to try to tap gently.

Measuring and Marking

It is best to avoid calculating at a glance. Use a tape measure and mark the locations for best results.

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