Cedar Siding Cleaning Basics

Cedar siding can add to the looks of your property and it makes sense to have a regular annual cleaning routine to keep it looking good.


To get the surface dirt off the siding you need to scrub it with a soft brush section by section starting from the top and working to the bottom – that way you will not be draining dirty water over areas you have just cleaned. You should use a gallon of warm water with detergent and a little bleach. Wear glove while scrubbing.

Pressure Washing

If you do not have a pressure washer you can hire one. Make sure you understand how to set up and operate the washer. High pressure washing will damage your siding so set the pressure as low as possible. Using only clean water use the pressure washer, starting at the top, in single to and fro strokes until all the siding is cleaned.

It may be tempting to try to use a detergent in the pressure washer at a higher pressure instead of scrubbing the siding. You might finish quicker but there will be the danger of damaging the siding and leaving a decidedly patchy appearance as some of the dirt is left behind.