Cedar Tree Cedar Tree

A cedar tree is a coniferous tree in the plant family Pinaceae. They are most closely related to the Firs, because they share a very similar cone like structure.

These trees are native to the mountains of Western Himalaya, and the Mediterranean region. A cedar tree is adapted to mountainous climates, in the Mediterranean they receive the winter precipitation, mainly snow and summer drought, while in Western Himalaya they receive primarily summer monsoon rainfall. 

What do they look like?

A cedar tree has spicy-resinous scented wood with thick rigid bark and broad level branches. They get to be 30-40 meters tall and have needle like evergreen leaves that are 8-60mm long and are arranged in an open spiral.

The needle-like leaves vary in color from bright grass green to dark green to pale blue-green all depending on the thickness of the white wax layer which protects the leaves from desiccation.

A cedar tree also has seed cones which are barrel shaped, 6-12cm long, and 3-8cm broad. When mature they are a grey-brown color and release winged seeds. The seeds that are released from the cedar tree are 10-15mm long, with a 20-30mm wing.

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