Ceiling Fan Blades Wobble: How to Repair

Ceiling fan blades can wobble if not installed properly or if they've loosened over time, but it is an easy do it yourself project that requires few tools and a bit of time. There are several causes and fixes for blade wobble and a little trouble shooting is in order to do this repair. 

Step One: Diagnose

There are several reasons a ceiling fan blade may wobble. The blades can be warped or may be too heavy for the construction of the fan. This is sometimes found in inexpensive fans or if the blades have been replaced and you didn't keep in mind how heavy they are. If the mounting bar and attachments are loose it will also wobble. The pitch or angle of the blade connectors may also be loose or off.

Step Two: Check for Warping

The most common cause of ceiling fan blade wobble is warped blades. You will need to turn off the fan and check along both edges of each blade to make sure they are completely straight. Even a slight bow or dip will cause a wobble. If you find a warped section, you will need to replace the blade to correct this problem. If you can't find a matching blade, you will need to replace them all or the entire fan, which may actually be less expensive.

Step Three: Check for Loose Screws

If you have wobble and a 'tick tick tick' sound you have a screw loose in your fan. Wiggle the blade to blade iron connection on each blade and if it is loose, tighten it. Also check where the blade irons are connected to the motor for loose screws. The screws that connect the downrod to the fan and the downrod to the ball also need to be tight, as they can cause wobble. A loose canopy or hanging bracket will also lead to wobble, so tighten all of those screws also. A good rule is to tighten all visible screws on the fan.

Step Four: Check Vertical Variance

If your ceiling fan was working perfectly with no wobble, but then a wobble developed, the variance on each blade is off. To check this you will need a long wooden pole that reaches from the ceiling to a few inches below the ceiling fan blade height. You will need someone to hold this pole very steady for you so you can measure. Rotate the ceiling fan blade to the pole and mark on the pole where the blade level is. Then, by hand, rotate the fan so each blade turns to the mark on the pole. If the blade is above or below this mark your blade irons are loose. You need to gently push or pull each blade that is off alignment until it measures up to the mark on the pole. Don't over do this as you can snap a blade. Once you have aligned each blade, turn the fan on and check for balance. If you still get some wobble, repeat this procedure. This is usually the problem, and you will have a neatly aligned silent fan again.