Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Reattachment Step-by-Step

One of the most common issues with fans is a broken ceiling fan pull. Children will often yank on the pull chains, resulting in them breaking or coming off. However, reattaching these chains is not a difficult task. This can be done by following a simple step-by-step approach mentioned below.

  1. Using a ladder, switch off the electrical mains in order to prevent electrocution while replacing the ceiling fan pull chain.
  2. Open the switch housing of the fan by unscrewing the screws at the bottom and on the sides of the housing. This will expose the pull chain assembly.
  3. This is the trickiest part of the entire procedure. Before you remove the broken pull chain, make sure that you know which connection goes where inside the assembly. This is very important to ensure proper functioning of the fan after reattaching the broken pull chain.
  4. Isolate the pull chain that needs to be replaced. Remove that and replace it with the new one, ensuring that you connect it to the right wire. Reconnect all the others their respective wires as well.
  5. Replace the pull ceiling fan chains in the assembly and reconnect it to the switch housing and close it by putting back the screws in place and tightening them.
  6. Descend from the ladder, switch on the mains and test the reattached pull chain.