Ceiling Joist

A ceiling joist is very important for hanging objects in the garage. Sometimes you need a little extra space and you need to hang up bigger objects like a bike. A ceiling joist is perfect for this job.

  • After determining the best spot to hang your items you need to find the most supported place. If you have an open ceiling garage this will be easy as you can see the various supports and even the ceiling joist.
  • Next you will want to attach the pulley mount to the ceiling joist. This is best done by using lag screws and washers as they can withstand the extra weight.
  • Next you’ll want to measure how far it is from the handle bars to the seat. This will allow you to know where on the ceiling joist to attach the second pulley to.
  • After feeding the ropes through the pulleys you can attach the bikes and set them up out of the way.

Tips for Installing the Pulleys to the Ceiling Joist

Before you start the project you should inspect the ceiling joist to verify that it’s not rotted or weak from the wear and tear of time.