Ceiling Mounted Shelf Dangers

Ceiling mounted shelf units can be great space savers. There are several safety issues to keep in mind if you are considering this type of shelf.

Television Shelves

When mounting a small or flat panel TV, remember how much everything weighs. This includes the actual television, the shelf and any hardware needed for installation. Make sure to mount the unit from studs as this will add extra support. Also be sure to get mounting materials that can handle the weight you plan to put on the shelf. Take precations to protect not only your electronics, but your ceiling as well.

Hanging or Dangling Items

It’s not uncommon to see ceiling mounted shelves in garages with various items hanging from them. Large items like bicycles and even lawn mowers can be hung from these shelves, out of the way. Again, this can be a great space saving idea, but there are dangers involved. Anything that hangs can fall if not secured properly. You also run the risk of hurting yourself by bumping in to these. Make sure you have plenty of clearance before you mount anything overhead.