Cellulose Adhesive

Cellulose adhesive is great for bonding many different types of surfaces. It will work with glass, china, cloth, wood, and some plastics. Although cellulose adhesive takes a while to dry, it becomes very strong. To glue something together you will need:

  • The objects you are gluing
  • Cellulose adhesive
  • A small brush
  • A rag
  • Acetone

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To use the cellulose adhesive, apply a coat of glue on both objects with the brush. Let it dry for a while until it is thick and tacky and then apply another coat. If you do not wait long enough the second coat will not cover the first coat very well. Join the objects together and let them dry for two days. Remove any excess cellulose with a rag and acetone. Acetone can usually be found in nail polish remover.

Cellulose Adhesive Alternative

For anything cellulose adhesive does not work on you can try rubber cement, this is more common for bonding plastics. If you are working on a piping project you will want to use piping glue instead of cellulose adhesive. It sets very quickly and forms a strong bond between plastic pipes. This keeps the water from leaking out.

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