Cement Floor Painting Tips Cement Floor Painting Tips

Cement floor painting is a fun way to add a simple touch of freshness to your garage or basement floor but there are some important tips that you will need to tackle first.

It is key that you prep the cement flooring first rather than just grabbing a paintbrush or paint roller and slapping a coat of paint down without proper planning.

Make sure you have the appropriate paint type, the color you want, the right tools and a specific plan for completing the home improvement task. Here are a few simple ideas to help make the cement floor painting process a lot easier.

Clearing Out

The first order of business in painting a cement floor is to clear away any old storage items, cars, boxes, or furnishings that might be in the way before painting the cement floor in the garage or basement area. Place them in a place that will be easy to move them back when the job is done.

Cleaning Up

Next, remove any old oil spills or grease with a store bought de-greaser and sweep up topical debris, remove trash and wash down the cement flooring with a hose and mild liquid soap or store bought cleaner.

Make Repairs

Check that the cement flooring does not have any holes, damage, cracks, or imperfections and then fill them accordingly with the appropriate repair product.

Breathe Clean

Be sure that there is a window or some sort of ventilation in the garage or basement area before you start painting. Wear old clothing and protect your hands, eyes, face and body from paint and other chemicals.

Cement Texture

You need to know what kind of cement the flooring is made of; in other words what kind of compound it is comprised of before applying paint. The wrong paint will not stick to certain cement flooring and it could possibly lift or peel or not adhere at all. Ask your homebuilder or bring a sample of the cement by chiseling a portion from a hidden corner to the paint department at the home improvement store.

Dry Time

Be sure the cement flooring is completely dry after you have washed it down before starting any painting project. You might have to wait overnight or at least 48 hours to do so. There cannot be any moisture.

Begin Painting

The most logical paint choice to use is called an epoxy-based one since it will adhere itself most likely to many types of cement flooring easily. Start with a primer or base before applying the final color that you have chosen of epoxy-based paint. Let it dry completely.

Main Color

Mix the main color choice well before applying it with a large roller, or paintbrush. Use long, sweeping strokes to accomplish getting larger areas done quicker.

End Coat

Apply at least two coats of the main color and let it dry thoroughly before applying the final sealant.

Apply Sealant

Once the main color has dried, then apply a clear sealant over the paint to keep it from peeling and/or lifting.

More Drying

Make sure the area is completely dry before parking cars or replacing furniture, or boxes on the cement flooring.

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