Central Alarm Monitoring

Hiring a central alarm monitoring agency to look after the security of your family and home is a way to take full advantage of the capacity of your home security system. Installing a wireless or hardwired security system in your home is the first step towards full-spectrum home protection from theft, fire and other unforeseen events. However, central alarm monitoring firms stand at the receiving end of the alarm system when it goes off, there to quickly and effectively coordinate response and dispatch efforts.

Monitoring Technologies

Several different types of monitoring technologies are available with the many alarm systems. Depending on the system you install in your home, you will have access to a variety of monitoring methods, from standard security monitoring that includes test reporting and open/close services to 2-way voice service whereby you can speak directly with the monitoring agency when the alarm goes off. Other services include fire monitoring, video monitoring, web and mobile access monitoring and radio/GSM monitoring.


A central monitoring agency is always watching, therefore your home's protection is virtually assured. You cannot always be home to see to it that it stays secure. Central alarm monitoring means you don't have to. With heightened monitoring technology, you can be sure that comprehensive surveillance, instant communication and timely dispatch are home security realities.