Central Vacuum Automatic Dustpan

Shop owners have used the central vacuum system for a long time. In the mid-20th century, it became popular in larger homes to install a built-in vacuum for personal use, as well. Relatively new in the world of central vacuum cleaners is the automatic dustpan feature.

Features of an Automatic Dustpan

You can purchase the automatic dustpan as an add-on for central vacuum systems. It allows you to sweep dirt and debris into a pile and then, instead of using a conventional dustpan, you sweep the pile into a port installed in your wall near the floor.

A foot switch on the automatic dustpan port allows you to switch the vacuum on and off without bending over. Simply sweep your pile over to the port and flip the foot switch on to activate the central vacuum. When you’re finished, flip it back off just as easily.

Automatic Dustpan Setup

If you already have a central vacuum system in your home, installing an automatic dustpan is relatively easy. Automatic dustpans come with standard fittings and pipe. You can use this hardware with new or existing central vacuum systems. The port for the automatic dustpan sits flush with your wall or baseboard and comes in a variety of basic colors in order to blend with your home décor.

Where to Install Your Automatic Dustpan

The kitchen is the first place that comes to mind to install an automatic dustpan port. If you have hardwood floors in your home, you can install an automatic dustpan in high traffic areas or even in bedrooms and bathrooms. Another handy locale for an automatic dustpan port is your garage or workshop. Any room that is uncarpeted can potentially benefit from an automatic dustpan.

A Green, Clean Option

A central vacuum system is an energy-efficient option for buildings and homes. In addition, built-in vacuums also improve air quality within your home by sucking up dirt, dust and other potential allergens.

The automatic dustpan is less energy-efficient than if you use a conventional broom and dustpan to sweep. But it actually helps improve the air quality; it does not stir up dust particles the way you do when you sweep dirt into a dustpan and dump it into a garbage can.