Ceramic Cooker

Offered by such kitchenware manufacturers as All Clad and Wolfgang Puck, a ceramic cooker is a particular type of slow cooker. With its small stature, a ceramic cooker will fit just about anywhere on a countertop. Multifunctional, stylish and easy to clean, ceramic slow cookers don't require a lot of maintenance, either to use or keep looking nice. Simply throw the ingredients into the cook pot, choose a setting and walk away. Select slow-cook ceramic units come with a 20-hour or longer cook cycle, so meals will be ready exactly when planned.


Ceramic cookers feature a removable, multi-quart insert into which you put the ingredients for stews, roasts and other culinary treats. The inserts feature a durable stainless steel construction which ensures great tasting food every time. Stainless steel handles and rivets are other common features, adding to the aesthetic value of the cooker. A dishwasher safe, tempered glass lid allows gourmets to view the progress of their work.


Use a ceramic cooker for making pot roasts, chicken, turkey or meatloaf. Soups and stews are easily accomplished, thanks to the easy, no-hassle approach to cooking. With electronic controls and a programmable timer, dialing in the cook time and temperature is a breeze. Plus, ceramic cookers may feature an auto shutoff switch, or it may automatically set to a warming function once the cooking is complete.