Ceramic Heaters vs Electric Heaters: Pros and Cons

ceramic electric heater

Ceramic heaters are a kind of electric heater with a ceramic heating element. This lets them heat up and cool down very quickly.

Depending on what you are looking for in portable heaters, deciding between ceramic heaters or other standard electric heaters is an individual choice. Here are some factors to help you determine which heater type best suits your needs.

Factor 1 - Cost

If cost is an issue, then a portable electric heater would be a better budget choice, as the ceramic heater is more expensive.

Factor 2 - Programmable Option

If you would like to have a heater that is programmable, then the ceramic heater would be a good choice. Electric models are not usually programmable. If you think you will use only the regular settings for heating, then, a programmable option would not be a usable feature.

Factor 3 - Stability

For a family with children or pets, a heater that will not tip as easily may be an attractive choice. A ceramic heater, then, would probably work better for you because it weighs more and is more stable. This stability factor would also be desirable if you wanted to leave your heater turned on overnight.

Factor 4 - Oscillation

Oscillation will often be an attractive feature because oscillation would allow a room to heat up more quickly and would be better dispersed more evenly.