Ceramic Tile vs Carpet for Basement Floors

finished basement

If you're looking to furnish your basement, you have two primary choices when it comes to flooring. They are ceramic tile and carpet for basement. It is important to understand the key advantages associated with both types of flooring before making your selection.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is very resilient and relatively inexpensive to install. This type of basement flooring is primarily recommended for furnished basements that feature home-based bars and accessories like billiards or air hockey tables. Due to their resiliency and ease of cleaning, ceramic tile floors generally stand up to pets with long nails. This type of flooring is not recommended for furnished basements in homes with children, as falling down on the hard surface is likely to result in considerable injury.

Carpet for Basement

Carpet is recommended for furnished basements that function as living rooms or TV rooms, particularly in households with lots of kids. A carpeted basement creates a great environment for children to play and watch movies, as well as a place for parents to relax and watch television at the end of a long day. When it comes to basement carpeting, shag carpeting, which is very affordable and easy to install, is the standard.