Chain Drive Garage Door Opener: Installation Mistakes to Avoid Chain Drive Garage Door Opener: Installation Mistakes to Avoid

You are far less likely to make mistakes during a chain drive garage door opener installation if you have the necessary installation information before you begin installing your door. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid making.

Installing on a Door That Won't Easily Raise

Your garage door needs to be working efficiently before installing your door opener. Do not begin installation of your opener before checking to be sure your garage door is lubricated and moving efficiently along its track.

Altering Door Hardware

In securing the two ends of the chain in the chain drive, insert the master link studs only through the end link of the chain and the traveler slot. Do not attempt to attach these two ends by inserting the master link in any chain links other than the last link.

Manual Disconnect Cords

Installing your manual disconnect cord too high will make it inconvenient for the average sized person to disconnect your door opener from the door in the event of a power failure. Do not install the cord higher than six feet above your garage floor.

Manual Opener Button

If you have children, you want to protect from becoming injured by the door being accidentally closed. Be sure your manual door opener button is installed at lease 5 feet above your garage floor.

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