Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Repair: Chain Replacement

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Garage door opener chain

It stands to reason that with the wear and tear of using your chain drive garage door opener on a daily basis, things are going to start breaking down. One of the first things that usually need to be replaced is the chain. It is the one part of the garage door opener unit that gets a lot of work over the years. For the most part, replacing the chain is not hard to do if you understand what is going on. Follow the guide below for this project. 


Step 1 - Turn Off the Power

Turn off the power to the garage so you don't injure yourself. If you need to get lighting in there, run an extension cord from the house to the garage.

Step 2 - Remove the Track System

Remove the track system of the opener by taking out retaining bracket that is located in the front of the unit. This holds the rail system to garage wall in the front. The rail system is heavy and big, so you will need your assistant to help you put it on the floor. Make sure you don’t bend the rail because the opener might not work correctly after that.

Step 3 - Removing the Old Chain

Lower the motor drive so you can get to the pulley easier. You will need to adjust the chains tension mechanism if the chain is still in position. You can release the chains tension by lifting the lever and leaving up until you have removed the chain. Make sure that all connections to the chain are coming from the trolley assembly. Remove safety switches or ropes. Slide the chain over the pulley that is located by the motor assembly. Give the old chain to your assistant and have them hand you the new chain.

Step 4 - Install the New Chain

Take the new chain and put it onto the rail assembly and then make sure that it is tight when it goes around the trolley assembly. After you are sure that the chain is tight, you can put the rail system bracket back together and back to where it originally was. Everything should look just as it did before.

Step 5 - Test Your Work

Connect the power to the unit again and test it to make sure that the opener is working properly. If the chain does not seem to be working correctly, make sure you check its tightness and if it needs to be tightened more. Tighten it and try again until everything works.