Chalk Line Chalk Line

A chalk line is a tool that is used for making long, straight lines along flat surfaces such as walls or floors, marking them for construction purposes. A chalk line can be more accurate than other forms of a straight edge, such as a long piece of lumber, since lumber sometimes can be bent or warped.

Chalk lines are basically a spool of string contained with a hand held enclosure that coats the string with chalk as it comes out. The chalk line is then set along the flat surface tightly, lifted and ‘snapped,’ which creates the line impression itself. The expression chalk line is also used for the line, or mark, that is made by a chalk line.

History of the chalk line

The chalk line was used as far back as ancient Egypt, and various cultures have employed the use of chalk lines in building and construction.

A modern adaptation of the chalk line is the new laser line, a device that ‘draws’ a line of laser light on a flat surface in a room. Many contractors prefer these devices because of their ease of use and reliability.



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