Chamfered Edge

Antique furniture
  • 1-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200

A chamfered edge is another name for beveled edges. A chamfered edge is used in carpentry to fill and smooth sharp edges.

They can be from any angle, from thin to large. Chamfered edges are common to use in industrial engineering.

Where Chamfered Edges are Used

countertops with beveled edges

A chamfered edge is often made on furniture or built-ins to remove an undesirable sharp edge. Dowels can be given a chamfered edge, in order for it to fit more easily into a hole, to be able to ‘edge’ down into a hole.

A chamfered edge on a countertop or a fireplace top removes the sharpness of the edge, so coming in contact with touch, it is less apt to scratch or cut.

A chamfered edge that curves out on a piece of furniture, causing a pleasing decorative effect, is called a lark tongue’s end.

This kind of chamfered edges are most often seen on high-quality furniture, often older or antique pieces, where a large degree of hand craftsmanship has been used.