Instant Curb Appeal

Some makeover projects can take weeks, but time can be of the essence if you are selling your home. This article offers a wide array of ideas that can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days to provide your home and landscape with impressive curb appeal.

Get Rid of the Junk

Cleaning is the first and most important way to add curb appeal to your home and property. Remove debris and excess clutter. Get rid of novelty yard ornaments and garden props that detract from the natural beauty of the landscape. Get rid of garden gnomes, no matter how cute you think they are, and put them in the backyard along with the plastic deer and pink flamingos. While you're at it, you should probably retire those cowboy silhouettes, too. Choose only those props that are classic in nature, such as a stone birdbath, simple birdhouse and terra cotta planters.

Add Some Pleasing Plants

One of the simplest ways to add flair to a bare house and landscape is to install some planters and hanging baskets. During the growing season, nothing is more welcoming than a healthy display of green foliage and bright blooms. Choose plants with a neat appearance and containers that are classically neat and neutral. For a large porch, a series of baskets sporting trailing ivy is always lovely. A small porch should revile a cluttered appearance. Add a single stately planter and a touch of ivy decorating your lighting sconce.

A Quick Coat of Paint

A simple weekend project for plants is the installation of window boxes that face the front of the home and a fresh coat of paint for the surrounding shutters. Color can be an important consideration, not only for fixed features like the shutters, but also for your choice of annuals as well. If your house is a neutral color, you may be able to choose something a bit more out of the ordinary like red or a shade of blue or green. To make a dramatic and striking statement visible from the road, choose single color blooms like red to match your shutters.

Painting other features can also work wonders for your curb appeal and can easily be accomplished over a weekend, unless you're repainting the whole house. Chipped porch railings will most definitely require a fresh coat of paint. Also consider giving a fresh coat to house trim, porch furniture, picket fences, porch columns, window ledges, arches, or other decorative architectural accents.


A new lighting fixture that is readily visible to visitors is a fine and functional way to add a touch of curb appeal. Be it a wall sconce or a hanging fixture, a lighting feature can add extra ambiance to your evenings or those dark cloudy days when a touch more of light on the porch is warranted. Designs for lighting features can be found in the hundreds. Wrought iron is classically Victorian, but brass is frequently chosen for a rich, elegant look. Naturally, novelty designs abound, but refrain from choosing anything overtly novel like a tiki torch or paper lantern, which might say tacky as opposed to classy.

Major Fix-Ups

If your lawn is in horrendous shape, it may be worthwhile to consider replacing your yard with sod. It can be accomplished within a week, sometimes only a few days, depending on the size of your yard. Healthy grass is a key that can really be negative if it has a ghastly appearance. For a neat and manicure landscape, place a layer of mulch around your trees and flowerbeds, remove all weeds, and prune or trim dead growth or excess foliage. If a tree blocks the front of your home, you may even consider its removal. In other cases, you may want to mask blemishes on your house with a trellis of vines.

Consider your walkway when you assess your front yard. It may be in need of new paving, but there are alternative materials to consider such as mulch, bricks, mosaic designs, and flagstones. Stone edgings might enhance a path's neat appearance. Keep your walkway clear and keep plants from creeping across the pathway. A great way to add some flair to your path is to install a gateway or an arch above the entrance. They can be found in many designs; choose one that compliments the style of your setting.

Adding just a few touches here and there will ultimately increase the visual appeal of your home. Even the smallest touches, such as new brass house numbers, can perk up the appearance of your house. Collectively, several small enhancements will make a big difference to your home's curb appeal.