Chandelier Light Fixtures Chandelier Light Fixtures

Many people only think of huge, dramatic chandelier light fixtures as only hanging in the lobby of hotels and banks or in formal dining rooms of giant mansions. Chandelier light fixtures can actually be quite small and charming and really refer more to the way the light is put together than the decor they can be installed.

Chandelier Light Fixtures for Casual Décor

Chandelier light fixtures can actually be used effectively in very casual spaces. Chandelier light fixtures are really just lights that have multiple bulbs and have elements that add visual appeal both vertically and horizontally. For casual spaces, you will want to choose chandelier light fixtures that are neither overly ornate nor large.

Many people think of crystal when they think of chandelier light fixtures. Crystal can be beautiful, and even casual if the right piece is chosen, but it does not have to be part of chandelier light fixtures. Colored or even clear glass can make chandelier light fixtures that are just as beautiful but often more appropriate for casual spaces.

For casual design, think about chandelier light fixtures that use globes for their vertical appeal instead of dangling crystals. The color of the metal can also make a piece feel more casual. Find chandelier light fixtures in finishes like satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze instead of bright gold to tone down the dramatic effect of the chandelier. 

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