Change Your Pool Filter In Five Steps

hands cleaning a pool filter
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 45-200

A pool filter keeps the pool clean and sanitary. Water moves through the pool's pump so the chemicals are distributed adequately and keep the pool clean from any debris like bugs, leaves, and pollen. To thoroughly enjoy your pool each season, make sure that it always has the proper chemicals to help it stay free of bacteria and algae, and make sure the pool's filter is always working correctly.

Step 1 - Turn Off Electricity

Before removing the filter, turn off electricity to minimize safety risks. Make sure the area around the power panel is completely dry so you don't run the risk of electric shock.

Step 2 - Open Release Valve

Open the large plastic circular pressure release valve. This stabilizes the pressure of the pool's pump, which helps the filter function so your pool stays clean. You will hear a type of hissing sound when you open the valve, which is the air being released from the pump. Make sure that the sound completely stops before you move on.

Step 3 - Remove Band and Lid

Take the restraining band off the pump and place it to the side.

Open the lid to the pump and find the device that is a long cylinder with ridges on it. The texture of the filter is almost like a coffee filter, but with plastic ridges along the outside of it. This is the filter.

Step 4 - Locate and Remove filter

Once you have located the filter, lift it up and out of the pump. Normally there are no special instructions on how you are supposed to discard the filter, but it is always best to look on the box of your new filter to see if there are any measures you should take to safely dispose of the old filter.

Step 5 - Replace New Filter

Place your new pool filter and into the pump where the old one was. Put the lid back down and place the band back on the pump.

Now, close the release valve and make sure that it is tightly fastened. If the valve is not on tightly, the pressure of the pool's pump will be weak and will not work properly.

Turn the electricity back on to make the new filter and pump start cleaning your pool.