Changing a Valve Washer Changing a Valve Washer

On most modern washing machines it is often necessary to replace the valve rather than change the valve washer because many of the valves are sealed units.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Your washing machine probably came with a comprehensive hand book which had pages relating to replacing valves. Make sure you read these instructions and understand what they relate to. If you know which valve needs replacing, buy the replacement before you start work on the washing-machine.

Precautions When Doing the Work

Before you begin work make sure you switch off the power and turn off the water. To relieve pressure on the valves you may have to unscrew the water supply pipes. On modern machines with two pipes they are usually color coded – red for hot water and blue for cold. If they aren’t color coded, label them so you put them back in the right position. If you have to move or unclip anything to get at the valve you must be sure to keep all clips carefully so you can replace them correctly. The new valve may come with retaining screws but save the originals just in case.

Re-Assembling the Washing Machine
Simply reverse the process you used to access the valve and your washing machine should work perfectly once again.

Not all washing machines are the same so use this general guide together with the detailed instructions that came with it.

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