Changing Light Bulbs in Step Lighting

Step lighting is one of the most important lighting fixtures that you need to install in your house if you want utmost security for your loved ones and guests. Climbing in a dark staircase can be very dangerous. Step lights are basically lights found under your stairs, which provide illumination to make climbing the stairs safe and easy. If you have already installed step lights, it is important that you replace the bulbs as soon as you notice that one of the them is flickering or dead.

Materials Needed:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Replacement bulb
  • Insulated working gloves
  • Electrical tape
  • Nail set
  • Brush

Step 1 - Turn off the Electricity

For safety reasons, it is important that you turn off the electricity of your home before you start with the project. Moreover, make sure that you wear a pair of insulated working gloves to protect yourself from any accidents related to electricity.

Step 2 - Expose the Light Bulbs

The light bulbs in the step lights are found inside the stairs. To replace it, it is important that you expose the light bulbs first by removing the closed riser or the tread of the stairs. The closed riser is the vertical part of the stairs, and the tread is the part of the stairs you walk on. To remove either the closed riser or the tread, use a screwdriver to remove the screw that holds these parts together. Make sure that you keep the screws in a safe place since you will be returning them later on. If, on the other hand, the riser and the tread are fastened by nails, use a nail puller.

Step 3 - Remove the Light Bulbs

Once the light bulbs are successfully exposed, remove it from the mount and replace the damaged bulb with a new one. Secure the bulb firmly in place and check for any exposed wires. Use electrical tape to secure the exposed live wires. The insides of the stairs may be filled with dust. Before you re-install everything, remove the dust using a brush.

Step 4 - Test the Lights

Once the replacement bulb has been installed, turn on the electricity to your home and test the lights. If one flickers, check if the replacement light bulb is new or if it is firmly installed on the mount.

Step 5 - Put Everything Back in

Once you are satisfied, put everything back in. Screw the riser and tread firmly in place. Using a nail set, drive a new nail on the boards to secure them properly. When re-installing the riser and the tread, it is important that you carefully place everything back in so that you will not dislodge the new bulb that you have mounted earlier.