Changing The Discs On A Rotary Grinder

A rotary grinder can use many different kinds of discs. What happens when your disc wears out or you want to use a different kind? Read on to learn a quick and easy way to change the disc on your rotary grinder.

Rotary Grinders

There are a number of rotary grinders, each that uses different kinds of discs for different materials and jobs. Before you start any job, know what kind of disc to use and how to change them.


Take your grinder or manual to the hardware store to buy replacement discs. There should be numbers on the box that correspond with your particular model.

Remember: safety first. As with any electrical equipment, you want to make sure that the grinder is unplugged or that the battery is removed. Your battery-powered grinder might have a lock position that will keep it turned off and prevent accidents.

The discs on newer grinder models are easy to change. Press the release buttons on the grinder and pop the disc right off.

If there is a nut in the middle of an older grinder disc, use a special tool to remove it. On some models, you can use a wrench or screwdriver to loosen and pry off the nut and attachments.

Changing the Discs

The process of attaching a new disc will depend on what type it is. You can tell how it will attach by the notches and rims on the disc. Match those up to the grinder and slide the disc on accordingly.

Tighten the nut or attachment, and remove any locking mechanism. Make sure that the disc is on solidly before you reconnect it to the electrical outlet or battery.