Changing Toilet Color with Paint

What You'll Need
Epoxy Paints
High Gloss Oil Paints
Toilet Brush

If your old toilet does not fit with your new bathroom wallpaper, you can change the toilet color by simply applying a different coat of paint. Most paints will not work on a toilet, they will simply wash away when it is used. However,there are some kinds of paint which you can use which will allow you to change the color completely. If you are eager to do this, you should try to find a paint which is water resistant. You can also use paints to get rid of unattractive water and rust stains, simply by applying the paint over the top of the stains.

Step 1 - Clean the Toilet

If you are fixing an old toilet, then you should first make sure that you clean it thoroughly before you begin to do anything else to it. Turn off the water supply to the toilet using the supply line which is behind the bowl, and then flush the toilet several times to get rid of the water in the tank and pan. You can then clean the toilet thoroughly using the toilet brush, and finishing off with a dish sponge. Throw the sponge away after use. Once the toilet is clean, you can begin to change the toilet color.

Step 2 - Remove the Toilet

Next, take the toilet out of the bathroom. You can do this by unscrewing the bolts on either side of the toilet bowl and removing the water intake hose. Lift the toilet up, and then remove it to a convenient location, preferably with lots of newspaper laid down. You should also remove the toilet seat at the same time by unscrewing it. Place all of the screws and the toilet seat in a safe location, as you will need to replace them later.

Step 3 - Add the Paint

You can use 2 different types of paint. The most common paint to use on a toilet is epoxy paint. This is usually water-resistant, and can be used to paint showers and similar bathroom furniture. The only disadvantage to epoxy paint is that it is easily damaged, and once that damage happens it is liable to peel. Another alternative is to use a high gloss oil paint. Apply your chosen paint with a paintbrush, and then leave to dry. If you can, place the toilet in a very warm room, with lots of sunlight (a greenhouse is perfect for this), and leave for 48 hours. Check the paint is dry before continuing.

Step 4  - Restore the Toilet

Once you have finished painting the toilet, you can then replace it in the bathroom. Bolt it down to the old bolts and attach the toilet seat. Then reattach the supply line so that it fills the bowl and tank with water. Repeat as often as necessary.