Quick Guide to Changing Your Décor Without Really Changing Your Décor

Your mother told you you’d be sick of those red couches within a few weeks, but did you listen? When do you ever listen? Believe it or not, colors, patterns, and textures go in and out of style, much like clothing does. It is probable that, if you purchased pricey yellow furniture at the beginning of 2009 when Pantone announced the color of the year would be Mimosa, you’re now ready to chuck it out the window. It is also possible that you inherited Grandma’s old couch with the floral pattern still covered in plastic. You hated it when you were 5, and you hate it now, but “free couch” sure sounded nice when you took it off Grandma’s hands. Instead of accepting your home’s fate as “the ugly one on the block,” make a few small, relatively affordable changes.

First, change your pillows. If you purchased that red couch, plus a horde of orange, red, and yellow decorative throws, you’ve got yourself a color overload. As we transition into fall, these summer colors just don’t work like they did when we wanted our living rooms to echo the colors of the sun. If you’re feeling cooler and want your décor to reflect that, choose neutral-colored throw pillows that have red subtle red accents. You might even choose a deeper, less outrageous shade of red to tone down the red in the couch. Whatever color your furniture is, use throw pillows to lessen the impact and draw attention away from an attention-grabbing color.

You can throw a slipcover on it. Slipcovers are a DIY decorator’s gift to ugly chairs, couches, and loveseats. Go with basic white or off-white covers to completely transform the room. By neutralizing the loudest colors in the room, you’ll be able to start with a clean slate.

Change your window treatments. Though I certainly consider myself a color lover, clean, white fauxwood blinds or honeycomb cellular shades will counteract the loud colors in your space. White shutters are also a solid idea here. When trying to tone down your color scheme, white and neutral blinds or shades will be your friend.

Get a new throw rug. You can get area rugs at big box stores at very low prices. Consider a neutral shag or Flokati rug that will add texture, but not color. You’re far less likely to tire of a texture than you are of a color.

Give your home the mini-makeover it deserves, and there’s no reason not to start small.

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