Channel Drain Systems Channel Drain Systems

Channel drain systems are meant to help prevent any excess water from running on the surface or causing flooding in unsafe areas. The main difference between the channel drain systems and the trench drain systems is the method of joinery and fitting used to fix them, their weight withstanding ability, and the materials used to make them.  

Materials used

Channel drain systems are made of 100% recycled plastic also known as polypropylene. This should not be mistaken to mean that they cannot withstand heavy weights, the channel drain systems are rated for 5 tons which is also equivalent to 10,000 lbs. This means that a van can comfortably pass over them without breaking them.  

Why use channel drain systems?

Whether it is at the corners of two drainage trenches meeting at right angles or on curved areas, the channel drain systems have designs that will fit appropriately with very little handy work. The joints are made in interlocking mode and require no clips or other joinery methods to couple together. The recycling saves us from risks of environmental damage.

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