Characteristics of Canadian House Plans

Of all the different types of homes available for purchase or to build from scratch, those incorporating Canadian house plans offer rustic charm and practical features. Whether the home is built in the chalet, craftsman, country or farmhouse style, Canadian home plans include many of same characteristics.

Canadian House Plans

Because of the geography and climate of Canada, homes built in the Canadian style feature elements that take this reality into consideration. Thus, one important feature of this style of home is the large stone fireplace traditionally used to supply heat to a large portion of the living space. Typically built on frontier land with dramatic scenery all around, large windows offering incredible views became the norm. Since the homes were traditionally in the country, expansive country kitchens were required to feed big families. In keeping with the magnificent woods and forests of Canada, houses built in this style also feature open vaulted ceilings with exposed beams of natural wood.

Many different types of houses can be modified to the Canadian style. What they have in common are features such as large, open kitchens, exposed beams, broad windows offering scenic views and massive fireplaces, all of which were originally designed to accommodate large families living in the cold northern climate of Canada.