Charcoal Air Filter 101

An air filter.

The charcoal air filter comes with two filter strata combined into one; a thermal bonded hundred percent synthetic white fibers and black impregnated black synthetic fibers that absorb odors and keep the air flowing smoothly. The charcoal air filters are mainly preferred due to their ability to eliminate odors.

Benefits of Charcoal Air Filters

Active charcoal eliminates odors rather than mask them. This removes all types of odor and smells such as cigarette smoke.

They are light in weight and can last for along time. They also cut your heating and cooling bills for there is no need to flush the air out and are not expensive due to their disposability.

The air filters are easy to install without modifying your existing filter. They are available in different sizes and can be customized.

Types of Charcoal Air Filters

Granular charcoal honeycomb air filters are one of the more common types of air filters. They have very low energy consumption, are lightweight, and very durable.

Activated charcoal air filters, meanwhile, can be used in vast volumes of air due to their high efficiency.

Areas Where Charcoal Air Filters Can Be Used

The filters are commonly used in places with odors such as bathrooms, kitchens recreation areas such as pubs, and damp places.