Cheap Area Rugs Strong Enough for High Traffic Cheap Area Rugs Strong Enough for High Traffic

If you're on a budget, have children and pets, and want to protect your floors in high traffic areas, then you need cheap area rugs strong enough for high traffic areas.

You can shop wisely for cheap area rugs that are strong enough to withstand the traffic in your home if you know what to look for. Rugs are available in all price ranges and readily found at major discount stores. Keep in mind that anything tightly woven will withstand wear better. Put your fingertips into the pile of the rug and see how easily it divides. If it moves easily, you should keep shopping, as it will wear more quickly.

Another hint is to read the tags. If the rug is all polypropolene or a high percentage of that material, it will wear extremely well and be washable, but you will find that just taking it outside and shaking it will remove most dirt and dust. These rugs are great if you have children and pets. They come in many designs that will suit your decor, including popular braided rugs. Some of these are so strong they can actually be used outdoors.

Sisal, grass or hemp rugs are also very popular for the budget conscious consumer who likes natural fibers. They are low maintenance and wear extremely well. They look great against a background of a wooden floor.

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