Cheap Furniture That Won't Cheapen Your Home

spare minimalist living space with metal chair and shelf affordable furniture

Cheap furniture doesn't have to be cheap-looking! Avoid heavy redecorating costs by choosing inexpensive, attractive furniture made from common materials.

Different Degrees Of Cheap Furniture

Furniture may be called "cheap" because it looks poorly made, it's made of common materials, or it's offered at a discounted price because it's an old or pre-owned model.

If you're one of the lucky ones to find that amazing deal at a closeout or end of the year sale, congratulations. Otherwise, look into other sources.

What Makes Cheap Furniture?

Cheap furniture can be made of many types of materials. The most common materials used in cheap furniture are light wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic. The good thing about these materials is that they're used in the construction of modern furniture and available in many great designs and colors.

When looking for cheap wood pieces, stay away from hardwood such as teal, oak or redwood. Because they are more durable, they cost a lot more than other wood furniture. Stick to woods such as birch and poplar. These all make great furniture pieces and can be stained to look like their hard counterparts. Why blow your budget when you can get the same look for a lower cost?

Steel and aluminum are meant to create streamlined and simple looks while being lightweight and affordable. Modern steel and aluminum furniture often includes materials like canvas and molded plastics. These are both cheap furniture materials as well.

Molded plastics have also been gaining in popularity because they are not only sleek and modern, but also durable and stain-resistant. In a children and animals, plastic furniture can endure the wear and tear of rough use over the years. Molded plastic takes care of this need while being stylish and cheap.

Other Ways To Find Great Cheap Furniture

If you don’t mind a little work and effort, check out thrift stores, local garage sales and even the Classified section of your newspaper for great deals on used furniture. You might even find a very high quality piece at a greatly discounted price.

Whichever way you choose to acquire your furniture, you'll be able to get a complete set for each of your rooms that will be cheap in cost, but not in looks.