Inexpensive Kitchen Accents for Remodeling Projects Inexpensive Kitchen Accents for Remodeling Projects

While it is true that remodeling and updating the kitchen can greatly enhance the value of your home, it is also true that such a remodeling project can be a very expensive undertaking. Even if you are able to recapture much of the cost when it comes time to sell, coming up with the money needed to remodel the kitchen can be quite a stretch. It makes sense, therefore, to save money where you can, and to look for inexpensive and innovative ways to further enhance the look and feel of your new kitchen.


Every homeowner knows that the right colors can make all the difference in the world, and that is certainly true when it comes time to decorate the kitchen. It is important to choose colors that will accent and compliment your home, and adding a few colorful accents can make any kitchen look brighter and more spacious. The ready availability of so many brightly colored mugs, plates and other pieces of dinnerware make it easier than ever before to decorate your kitchen in style without breaking the bank.

Counter Enhancements

For an extra splash of color after mealtime is over, you may want to consider installing an inexpensive under the counter mug rack. These colorful and useful accents can help keep your favorite, and most colorful, mugs ready at hand, and they can provide much needed color and decoration to those bare walls. Adding this splash of color can be particularly effective when working in tight spaces, and hanging up those mugs can clear off much needed counter space for other purposes.

When choosing a mug holder for your colorful mugs, it is a good idea to choose a single holder with several hooks, rather than installing individual hooks in your cabinets. Individual hooks will require individual holes, but a multi-hook hanger will require the drilling of only one hole in your cabinets, saving you work and preserving the good looks of your cabinets as well. It will also eliminate the need to fill in those unsightly holes if you need to move the holder.

When choosing these inexpensive accents for your home, it is a good idea to use them to accentuate the look of your kitchen. If the kitchen design is simple, for example, adding a touch of vibrant color with your selection of coffee mugs and dinnerware can provide a great contrast. If your kitchen is already an explosion of color, sticking with simple patterns and geometric designs will provide an interesting dichotomy.

Wall Enhancements

There are other inexpensive accents that can provide practical use while at the same time beautifying your kitchen. For instance, adding a wall rack to hold pots and pans, and other to hold spices, can free up much needed counter and cabinet space while adding beauty and charm to your bare walls. When deciding which accents would work best, be sure to look at your kitchen carefully in order to determine which walls could do with some touching up. Adding a few well placed racks to these bare spots can make the kitchen look more vibrant and inviting.

These wall shelves can also be a great place for inexpensive and beautiful decorative accents. These accents can be as simple as a couple of jar candles or as elaborate as exotic bottles of spices from far away lands. However, one of the easiest, and least expensive, kitchen accents are ones you can make on your own. Simply taking a few unused corked bottles and filling them with colored water can provide a splash of color and beauty for your kitchen. These simple bottles of colored water are great for catching the light and providing a focal point of interest for the room. The bottles can even be rearranged each day for a different effect each time.

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