Checking if Your Water Heater Pilot Light Is On Checking if Your Water Heater Pilot Light Is On

What You'll Need
Screwdriver (depending on type of access cover you have)

A water heater pilot light is a flame that is located behind an access cover on your tank. There are many different reasons a pilot light may go out, and cold water is one sure sign that it needs to be relit. Below you can read the simple steps so you are able to check your pilot light with ease, and get the problem fixed.

Step 1 - Cold Water

As stated above, cold water is the first sign you should look for when checking your water heaters pilot light. Cold water equals an unlit pilot light most of the time.

Step 2 - Flame

You will want to take your flashlight, and go to your water heater tank. First you will want to simply take your flashlight and look for a flame. Most of the time the pilot light flame is easily seen with just a bit of checking.

Step 3 - Access Cover

If you are unable to see a flame by just looking around your tank, it's time to take off the access cover that is by the bottom of the tank. Depending on what kind of access cover you have, you may have to loosen some screws. Once the cover is off it should be easy to tell if there is a pilot light flame or not.

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