Chefs Choice Electric Kettle

A cordless Chef's Choice electric kettle gives you the full freedom of mobility once the water is heated. Rather than deal with tangled cords when pouring a cup of tea, Chef's Choice models utilize a corded base with a 360-degree swivel cord. Available in glass and stainless steel models, they come equipped with multiple convenience features as well as built-in safety measures to prevent scalding. Featuring a concealed 1,500-Watt stainless steel element buried within the base, Chef's Choice electric kettles work far faster than a microwave or stovetop when heating water for tea, instant coffee, select desserts, hot cocoa or other quick meals. 


Chef's Choice offers 6 distinct electric kettle models, including the 675, 677, 678, 679, 685 and 688. Holding up to 2 quarts of hot water, select units feature a keep-warm mode, so unused water doesn't immediately cool off. Other design features include a dripless spout for mess-free pouring and a stay-cool handle that won't burn the hands. 

Other Features

Safety features include an automatic shutoff circuit that kills the power once the water has reached a boil, and a dual boil-dry safety mechanism to prevent scorching. Choose between the tempered glass model 679 and several brushed stainless steel models.