Chemicals Needed for Pressure Washing

Pressure washing chemicals come into good use with pressurized water, cleaning stubborn stains from concrete, metal, wood, or stone. Pressure washers are great cleaners because they provide effective means for removing stubborn dirt on surfaces. However, it is sometimes necessary to use pressure washing chemicals in order to hasten the process.

Most pressure washing chemicals employed today are eco-friendly. These save a lot of time and money as they make the cleaning process a lot easier. When opting for chemical cleaning products, always make sure they are approved for pressure washing. In this way, you will avoid causing damage to the surface being cleaned and the power washer itself.  Here are some of the most common pressure washing chemicals on the market.

Detergent Mix

Detergents are basic pressure washing cleaning agents that make the cleaning process much easier. These agents can be applied on the surface directly or used with injectors on the pressure washer. They are also the most economical cleaners when using pressure washers for almost any type of surface.


Degreasers are chemical mixes designed to treat painted surfaces, metals, and greased up surfaces. These products can be used to remove oil stains from most types of materials. Soap scum and mildew can also be treated with degreasers. Choosing a degreaser to pressure wash a greasy surface will definitely speed up the cleaning process.

Coil Cleaners

Not all chemicals that are used as pressure washing agents are effective in cleaning coils. These require cleaning to reach top performance, and they need to be treated efficiently. It is a good thing that companies have come up with chemical mixes intended for coil cleaning. These products can easily remove scale and mineral build-up on coils designed for heating.

Vehicle Cleaners

Vehicle cleaners are intended to treat vehicle surfaces, making them cleaner and shinier. These products do not only clean the covering of the automobile but also the engine, smoke trails and other parts. Vehicle cleaners contain wax that helps make the cleaned surfaces a lot shinier. They can also be used as metal polishers because of their wax content.

All Purpose Cleaners

All purpose cleaners are made up of chemicals that are especially formulated to clean almost any surface. They help treat grease, dust, soap scum, dirt, and other contaminants. As they are designed for use on any type of surface, it is safe to treat concrete walls and floors, vehicles, gates, and fences.

Aluminum Cleaners

Aluminum cleaners are designed to deal with surfaces and materials that are tough to clean. Oxidized aluminum can be cleaned with ease using this mixture of chemicals. They provide extra wetting that is needed for tough cleaning.

 Metal Cleaners

Metal cleaners are produced specifically for metals that are susceptible to corrosion and rust. The formula used to create these products is designed to reduce the risk of rust build-up and corrosion on metal tanks, steel parts, and even plastic.