Cherry Tree Harvest Tips

Harvesting the fruit from your cherry tree is not a hard job, but must be done carefully. Cherry trees are easily damaged, and very susceptible to diseases when there is an open wound on the tree.

Best Harvesting Option

Unlike other fruit producing trees, cherries should be harvested by hand. It is time consuming, but is best for the tree overall. Any open wounds, or unprotected damaged areas, will lead to diseases and a poor crop the next year.

Pull Complete Stem

Cherries grow in clusters of three to five cherries to each. When you harvest them, you must grab the entire cluster. Grasp the stem at the top near the point where it attaches to the tree. Do not damage this area as it will greatly impact your fruit for next year.

Twist Off

Twist the cherry cluster without actually pulling them. The twisting motion will not damage the attached area and makes it easier to remove the cherries.

Pull Off

When you pull the cherry cluster off of the tree, it must be in the direction that they are growing in. If the cherry cluster is growing on the side of the branch, pull out in the direction of its growth.

Place On Damp Cloth

Taking care with the tree is not your only consideration. You must also take care of the cherries as you harvest them. Do not bruise, or damage them or they will not taste as they should. Place them carefully on a damp cloth when you pick off the three.