CHI Hair Flat Iron

Priced anywhere from about $50 to $150, every high-performance CHI hair flat iron delivers exceptional straightening and styling results. While smoothing hair and making it silkier, CHI flat irons also condition it from the inside out. Through the combination of ionic technology, even-heating, efficient ceramic styling plates and far infrared heat, beneficial moisture is sealed within hair while cuticles are protected. The noticeable result in fade-free, shiny hair that looks as great as it feels. 

CHI Flat Iron Models

CHI offers a number of different flat irons with dual ceramic styling plates between 0.5 and 2 inches in width. The wider the plates, the more effective is the flat iron on thick, coarse hair. Models include the Slim Ceramic, Auto Digital Ceramic, Ionic Single Pass, Big CHI, Micro CHI, Turbo, Volumizing, Nano Ceramic and Nano Digital Ceramic. The high infrared heat helps to sterilize hair, killing harmful bacteria while reducing unsightly frizziness. 

Performance Features

CHI hair flat irons use a low-power element, from 20 to 35 Watts. This energy-saving feature doesn't limit their performance, though. CHI flat irons heat up in as little as 6 seconds to a temperature of up to 392 degrees. The ceramic styling plates transfer heat efficiently, while their beveled edges allow one to easily add curls or flips during the hair-straightening process. CHI flat irons feature salon-quality swivel-base cords, ergonomic handles and a conveniently-positioned on/off switch.