Child Safety Tip: Add a Sliding Closet Door Lock

Adding a sliding closet door lock is an easy DIY project to keep your kids and your things safe. To begin, you need to determine the type of sliding closet doors you have to make sure you buy the correct type of lock. Bi-fold doors and offset "slide-by" doors are the two most common types of sliding closet doors. With offset doors, one door slides on a track behind the other. Bi-fold doors are hinged in the middle and the opposite ends slide together.

Types of Sliding Closet Door Locks

For offset "slide-by" closet doors, there are self-adhesive locks which attach to the rear door with a peel and stick application. These locks have little wings that prevent the front door from sliding unless both wings are pressed in at the same time.

Bi-fold door locks slide in place over the top of the doors' hinge to prevent them from opening. This lock is simple to install with 2 screws.

Both types of sliding closet door locks are inexpensive and install in seconds. Adding a DIY sliding closet door lock will give you peace of mind, helping to keep your children safe in the home.