Children's Toy Box: 5 Design Ideas Children's Toy Box: 5 Design Ideas

Building a children’s toy box can be done in such a way as to incorporate some of the child’s favorite things into the design. Or the design could be functional such as making it into a bench. Give it some thought, and you can end up making the toy box as fun as it is useful. 

Design #1: Cars and Trucks

For children who love cars, trucks or work vehicles, building a toy box in the shape of one such vehicle stirs their imagination. They can incorporate the toy box into their playtime, and when it’s time to put their toys away, they won’t be left with a plain box.

Design #2: Castle

Another fun design idea for the shape and decoration of a toy box is a castle. This kind of toy box would work even if lidless. Better yet, a large toy castle gate could lower to reveal the toys inside. 

Design #3: Animal

A more ambitious toy box could be made into the shape of an animal. It could have legs, a neck and head, and in its belly go the toys. 

Design #4: Bench

Adding function to the mix makes a toy box doubly useful. Consider making the toy box into a bench. With a hinged seat, it opens to reveal the toy storage area. After the toys are put away, the toy box serves as a useful piece of furniture.


Design #5: A Toy Box with Shelves

Whether they extend above the toy box or are built below it, a toy box with shelves combines toy storage space with a place for books, photos or clothing. 

A toy box can be so much more with a clever design. Whether it is built to resemble a favorite toy of the child, decorated as such or doubles as a shelf and/or bench, a toy box can be both a fun and functional piece of furniture in a child’s room. 

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