Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace: How To Repair Cracks

What You'll Need
Automotive bond
Epoxy glue
Concrete repair products

Mexican history indicates that chiminea outdoor fireplaces were once used to provide heat for cooking. These clay fireplaces are bowl-shaped with a one-sided fireplace. They also have a chimney to release the smoke away from those sitting around the fireplace.

Handling Your Chiminea

Because these are made of clay, they should be handled like fine china – gently so that they don’t crack. If taken care of properly, clay and iron chimineas will last a long time. However, if by chance they do happen to crack, here is a quick guide on how it can be repaired.

Repairing a Cracked Chiminea

If a crack in a chiminea is even reparable depends on the location of the crack. If you find a crack inside the kiln, there is less of chance that crack will grow. Cracks outside the kiln have a tendency to grow with the possibility of completely shattering the chiminea. To prevent this, repair any cracks as soon as they are found.

Automotive bond works the best to repair a crack. First, clean out any debris from the crack, apply the bond according the instructions and let dry. Once it is dry, sand the area down so that it is smooth. You may also consider trying a two-part epoxy glue, or concrete repair products to repair your clay chiminea.