Chimney Cleaning: How a Chimney Sweep Works Chimney Cleaning: How a Chimney Sweep Works

It is certainly safe to entrust chimney cleaning tasks to a qualified chimney sweep. These are people that have the distinction of being part of one of the oldest professions in the world. More recently, homes with chimneys have proliferated and the need to hire a chimney sweep has grown. The chimney sweep's job spans a number of tasks including maintaining fireplaces in which wood is burnt. They also have to deal with handling appliances with venting systems including those systems that use heating oil and natural gas and, in addition, they have to maintain and clean pellet and wood burning appliances as well.

Modern Chimney Sweep

Modern chimney sweeps still make use of traditional chimney brushes, but they are also making use of more modernized tools including cameras and vacuums as well as special tools to clean out the chimney completely. A typical modern chimney sweep is a laborer that has been trained in diagnosing as well as repairing hazards and who can also perform basic maintenance work. Today, the Chimney Safety Institute of America as well as National Chimney Sweeps Guild are regulating the chimney sweeps industry.

Main Functions

Essentially, the sweep has to have expertise that will help them succeed in preventing accidents as well as fires that might arise from using wood stoves and gas heating systems. In addition, hazards related to using fireplaces and coal heating systems as well as systems that make use of heating of oil need to be serviced and also maintained by a sweep.

Licensed to Work

Not every state in the US requires that a chimney sweep first obtain a license before taking up professional work. However, before hiring them, it will pay to ascertain whether the person does indeed have the required certification, education and license to operate.

Expert Knowledge

A chimney sweep needs to be an expert in the installation of flexible type stainless steel liners as well as flue systems. In addition, they should know how to maintain chimneys and appliances and they need to know how to clean a chimney and flues for various cooking appliances as well as heating systems. This last ability will go a long way in preventing a chimney fire as well as will help in controlling emissions of hazardous fumes.

Removes Soot and Debris

With the help of proper cleaning equipment, the chimney sweep must be able to remove all soot and debris. This can be done by using a brush which is inserted and pushed through a chimney. Next, in order to remove soot, the sweep will need to know how to operate a vacuum which is the best way of removing all soot.

Work Activities

Some of the more essential activities that a chimney sweep will be called upon to perform include meeting clients, using different equipment (brooms, powerful vacuums and cleaning extensions) that help in remove debris and soot. A chimney sweep must also be adept at installing a new chimney system and he must also engage in research work that will help them to stay up to date with latest fire safety regulations.

The work of a chimney sweep is demanding and not all that pleasant. But, an expert in the field will find the work to be challenging as well as hard. It is not surprising to learn that the work is physically very demanding and so one qualification that every sweep needs to have is that they must be in peak physical shape and they must also not be averse to getting dirty and dusty.


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