Chimney Cover

Wind indicator on roof

Having a chimney cover on your chimney is not only stylish but it’s a huge safety precaution. Every year there are thousands of fires that are started because burning embers rise up through the uncapped chimney and land on the roof or yard. Simply putting a flat screen on top of a chimney is very dangerous. This is due to the fact that since the screen is flat debris can pile up on top of it clogging it and backing up the chimney as well.

Also a chimney cover helps protect the chimney from the elements. Water can cause great unknown damage to a chimney by soaking into the bricks and eating away at the mortar, chimney liner, and mortar crown

What to Look for when Choosing a Chimney Cover

• Single liner or double liner
• Round or square chimney caps
• Anti downdraft chimney cover
• Chimney damper cover
• What type of material is it  made of?  Is it made out of standard stainless steel, custom made copper or something else?
• A multi-flue chimney cover allows for the entire chimney to be covered rather then just one flue.