Chimney Flashing Repair: Mistakes to Avoid Chimney Flashing Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

Water leaks from your roof can often be an indication that you need a chimney flashing repair. When this flashing begins to leak, the only remedy will be to reseal it. Unless you have experience with these types of repairs, you will need to avoid making mistakes in making your repair.

Applying New Caulk without Removing Old Caulk

Caulk requires a smooth, clean surface to adhere to. This means that before you attempt to add new caulk to your chimney flashing, you will need to remove the old caulk with its uneven surface. In addition, don't overlook removing the caulk around the chimney and cap flashing and also clean those surfaces.

Applying Roofing Cement

If you find that you need to glue some of the shingles around your chimney flashing, try to avoid using cement from a can, as this will require you to use 2 hands to apply the cement. Using a caulking gun instead frees one of your hands to work your trowel.

Caulking Cracks and Separations

Separations and cracks between your roofing and the bricks of the chimney are often so small and that they are difficult to see. While repairing your flashing, don't overlook these cracks that can be created by expansion and contraction and natural aging of caulk. Take time to find these cracks, removing the old caulk, and re-caulking them.

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