Chimney Relining and Your Saftey Chimney Relining and Your Saftey

Chimney relining is a necessary process, if the existing liner has become damaged. Poor maintenance and extreme weather conditions can cause a damaged liner. This can lead to fires and toxins in the air. A chimney should be inspected on a regular basis, and any problems with the system should be correctly as soon as possible.

Flue Damage

Most chimneys are constructed with a terra cotta liner. After about 10 years, these liners begin to break down. When the fireplace is burning, byproducts collect on the flue walls. These byproducts can eat through the flue. A damaged flue negatively affects the system, allowing gases and particles to enter the home.

Affects of a Damaged Chimney

These gases can poison the people living in the home, and cause serious injury. Damaged chimney flues cause the deaths of approximately 200 people each year. There are also thousands of people who experience chronic headaches or are constantly ill, due to faulty chimney systems.

Chimney Relining Solution

Many homeowners do not consider chimney problems, until one arises. At that point, there is usually considerable damage. The most practical solution to repairing a damaged chimney is chimney relining. The best type of liner to use is a flexible one, constructed from stainless steel.



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