Chimney Repair After Water Damage Chimney Repair After Water Damage

Most chimney repair is necessary because of water damage to the chimney. If your chimney has been damaged by rain or flooding, consider the following as you plan to repair it.

Fixing the Flashing

The flashing is the material that surrounds the outside of the chimney. The flashing is important because it keeps the water that runs down the chimney from going into the roof. The flashing allows the water to run down the roof and off the side. If the flashing is damaged, you will need to get a new piece and attach it to the edge of the chimney.

Crack Repair

Water damage may also cause cracks in the mortar of the chimney. These cracks start to form between the bricks or stone, and they allow water to get down inside the chimney. When this occurs, you can patch the cracks to repair them. You can find a number of crack patching products that you can trowel into place relatively easily. After the patches dry, they will help prevent the water from getting into the chimney.

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