Chipboard Flooring: Install Guide

What You'll Need
Chipboard flooring
Nail gun
Tape measure

Chipboard flooring is a material that is commonly used for subfloors in residential applications. Chipboard, also called particle board, is a very durable type of floor that is constructed out of resin and sawdust. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install chipboard flooring.

Step 1 - Measure

Before you can install chipboard flooring in your room, you need to determine how much you will need. Use your tape measure to get the length and the width of the room. Multiply those two numbers together to get the exact square footage, and then divide it by the number of square feet that are in a sheet of the particle board that you are purchasing. Particleboard can come in different sizes such as 4x8 feet or 3x5. Once you know how many sheets of particle board you will need, round up to the nearest whole number. 

Step 2 - Choosing the Chipboard

Chipboard is available in different thicknesses: 19 mm, 22 mm or 25 mm thick. Think about how much weight you will routinely be putting on the chipboard, and let that determine the appropriate thickness you need. Consider getting high-density chipboard for flooring.

Step 3 - Marking the Wall

On the wall above each floor joist, make a small mark with a pencil. This will help you keep track of where each floor joist is when you are installing the chipboard. Once you cover up the joists, it can be difficult to determine where the center of each one is located. This way, you can easily nail the chipboard into place.

Step 4 - Laying Out the Job

You can now start to lay out the chipboard flooring over the joists. Cover the entire area with the chipboard. When you get to the sides of the room, you will have to use your saw to cut the pieces. Then, fit the cut pieces down into the gaps around the outside of the room. 

Step 5 - Nail the Chipboard

After you have everything laid out, you can begin nailing the chipboard flooring into place with either a hammer and nails or a nail gun. Attach all of the chipboard pieces in the middle of each of the floor joists.