Choose The Best Drop Ceiling Tiles Choose The Best Drop Ceiling Tiles

When choosing the best drop ceiling tiles for your room, think about the finished project and how you want it to look. Drop ceilings are usually used to cover or insulate. They also lower a high ceiling to improve heating in your room.

Why a Drop Ceiling?

If you wish to hide duct work and pipes in your basement ceiling, lower the ceiling in your home, or to save on utility bills, a drop ceiling may be the best solution. Some drop ceiling styles will insulate and absorb sound. All drop ceiling styles are fire resistant. Additionally, drop ceiling tiles are easy to clean and mold resistant.

    Types of Drop Ceiling Tiles

    There are several types to choose from:

    • Gypsum is like drywall. It's made by pressing minerals into dense, semi-rigid sheets and squares. They work quite well in basements or any other room in your home.
    • Plaster drop ceiling tiles are very formal. You can either leave these tiles as they are or paint them to fit your decor. These work great in formal living spaces.
    • Fiberglass drop ceiling tiles are the least expensive. Paint does not stick well to them. They are good in a basement for an economical solution to finishing the ceiling.
    • Metal and PVC drop ceiling tiles are the newest types. They offer many choices with a wide price range. They are great in kitchens.

    Having a general idea of the look and feel you wish to attain in the room will be the deciding factor on the actual tiles that you choose.

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